Repairs and Reworking

Slow Stitch Studio is based on a foundation of sustainability around fashion and so I am very happy to be able to offer a clothing repair and reworking service. 

Repair on average lengthens the life of a piece of clothing by 1.3 years. Think of the waste we could save if we committed to mending just one item of clothing a year instead of throwing it away? 

What is reworking!? - reworking is my word for turning an existing garment that no longer serves you into something great! For example a dress into a skirt or combining two items to add in extra space in a garment!

If you would like to book in for clothing repair you just need to buy a 'repair slot' from the shop this costs £10 and is a non refundable deposit for your repair. I'll then email you to discuss the repair and let you know how to drop off your garment to me. I take the rest of the payment on completion of the repair. 

This is my current menu, it's not an exhaustive list and does not feature garment reworking so please get in contact if you have any interesting repairs or projects you'd like to discuss!