Welcome to Slow Stitch Studio.

We'd like to help you enjoy your clothes more.

Close up of a brown sleeveless dress with a keyhole back and a bow tied.


We recognise that some of us are incredibly fortunate to have grown up with family and friends teaching us to sew but not everyone has had this experience. Therefore not everyone feels confident to make changes to the clothes that they buy, or even try out making their own. This is were we come in!

In our workshops we strive to create a comfortable environment with plenty of room for asking questions and making mistakes. Slow Stitch is available to provide paid, private and community based workshops around Glasgow and Edinburgh. And if you aren't sure what you fancy, drop into our monthly pay-what-you-can workshop at Shop Neighbourhood in Glasgow. 

If you can't make it to a workshop (or simply don't want to!) Our popular clothing repair, alteration and reworking service might be the answer for you. This is constantly evolving through what our clients ask of us!

We are passionate about creating a comfortable environment for you to interact with clothing and too often we keep clothing that no longer serves us. Whether it is as simple as a fallen hem on your favourite jeans, re-lining a favourite jacket or creatively reworking something that no longer fits, there are so many different options we can employ to get your clothes fitting you perfectly. 

Combining a background in fine art, practical sewing skills and her love for soft quilted things, founder Eva, produces batches of bespoke heirloom textiles for purchase. These can be found on our website, or in our stockists. Shop Neighbourhood, Bam and Sunshine Number 1.